Our Values

Integrity: We follow industry established standards and good ethics to perform all our tasks. Accountability: We stand behind our services and ensure our deliverables will meet the highest standards. Client Service: We approach every solution with the clients' interest at heart.

Our Mission

To promote safety for building owners through innovative code application and advanced engineering design.

Our Vision

To be the preferred engineering service provider for fire protection and code consulting in Canada through providing innovative and client-focused solutions.

About Us

We are a group of experienced engineers and technologists who are passionate about protecting people’s lives from the impacts of fire.  We actively participate in code development, public education and community events.  We combine a good understanding of legislative requirements with the most current technological advances in life safety systems to provide the cost-effective yet future-proof system solutions for complex buildings. 

Our Services

  • Smoke Control Engineering
  • Integrated Systems Testing
  • Alternative Solutions for Building Code and Fire Code
  • Fire Alarm System Retrofitting
  • Emergency Voice Communications Systems Design
  • Building Code Report
  • Mag Lock Design and Permit
  • Sprinkler Systems Design
  • Tender and Construction Administration
  • Fire Code and Building Code Consulting
  • Security Upgrade
  • Fire Safety Plan
  • Fire Safety Training

Meet our Team

Lui Tai, P.Eng, AIFireE, Principal

Lui Tai is an engineer leader with over 32 years of Canadian engineering and consulting experience.  He is (or has been) licensed in 6 provinces in Canada and was also licensed in UAE as part of House of Expertise.

Specializing in fire protection and life safety, Lui is fluent in the Canadian building codes and fire codes, as well as many ULC and NFPA standards and international codes.  He uses his depth of knowledge and awareness in fire protection to help clients meet code requirements on their designs and assist clients with objective-based alternative solutions.  He also educates the public on fire safety through his publications and presentations.

In his volunteer capacity, Lui has contributed his spare time to volunteer for many industry organizations.  He is or has held the following volunteer positions:

  • President of the Canadian Fire Alarm Association (CFAA, Ontario Chapter)
  • Chair of Professional Engineers Ontario (PEO, York Chapter, 2018-2020).
  • President of Institution of Fire Engineers (IFE, Canada Branch)
  • City of Toronto Working Group on proposed Fire Code changes, (2020-2021)
  • Technical Advisory Committee, Ministry of Municipal Affairs, OBC Part 3, 2017

He has been asked to deliver presentations on leadership development and technical topics at various organizations, including keynote speeches at PEO and OACETT Annual General Meetings