Poster for the Canadian Fire Engineering Summit

Most professionals in the Fire Protection industry will no doubt know of the annual NFPA conferences held in various cities across the USA. However if you own or work at a Canada-based company like us at Vitalis, it can be very cost-prohibitive to travel down to the US every year to attend these conferences. The travel expenses and time commitment required to attend the conference may sometimes outweigh the benefits. In addition, the conference is aimed at the wider US audience, which renders some of the topics unrelated to Canadian attendees. This is where the Canadian Fire Engineering Summit comes in. Nearly three years in the making, the Summit will be just that: the peak of what Canadian Fire Protection and Life Safety professionals have to offer on topics relevant to the fire and life safety industry.

The Canadian Fire Engineering Summit

The 2023 Canadian Fire Engineering Summit is the first event of its kind in Canada; a collaborative event between three of Canada’s most influential Fire Protection and Life Safety associations (The Canadian Fire Alarm Association, The Institution of Fire Engineers – Canada Branch, and The Society of Fire Protection Engineers). Consequently, the Summit will aim to address some of the most pressing issues in the Fire Protection and Life Safety issues today. Various topics will be covered, including the harmonization of Provincial and National Building and Fire Codes, energy storage systems and lithium ion batteries, building life safety failures, and new technologies and initiatives in Fire Protection. The Canadian Fire Engineering Summit will take the form of a panel discussion. That is to say, each topic will be discussed between 4 panelists with 360 degree perspectives in the industry. Speakers will include many key players in the industry, including NFPA Regional Director, Fire Marshals, Councilors of Fire Marshals and Commissioners, Fire Prevention Officers, and various other directors, professionals and stakeholders in the field.

The Canadian Fire Engineering Summit is aimed to provide answers and insight for building owners, Authorities-Having-Jurisdiction, design professionals (Architects and Engineers), and contractors. To get your tickets, visit the event page to register. With both in-person and virtual options, the summit offers flexibility and ease of access to anyone who is interested.

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